Saturday, July 11th, 2020

Hi!  It' been a weird few months right?!  I'm so over all the BS...i just want things to go back to normal!!  Am i right?!?!

My girl ended up home because of the virus so we have spent so much time together (which i love!)  She has been busy this Summer working and keeping up on her rent payments because she had a two year lease for her college apartment and is helping us by paying what she can.  She can go back and forth between the two places since we only live an hour from her college but for the most part she has stayed here.  I think she will take off in a couple weeks to go back early to hang out with her roomies though :)  She's been dating her boyfriend, Will for almost 2 years and they have spent a bunch of time together as well at the lake and doing fun stuff.  He graduated from college and ended up with a job but it's in the sports industry so they are on hold while the Corona virus gets all figured out. 


Me, i've been fixing up the house doing little odd & ends stuff...painting and redoing stuff because we plan on moving next Summer after Ash graduates from BG.  In a perfect world i would move to the fingers crossed that we can find something for us!

I've been making lots & lots of dog breeder logos for them to use on their photos for the Facebook pages or websites.  It's been super fun!  I started out making one for my sister who is a Dachshund and Golden Retriever breeder and then it just kinda snowballed!!  I have dachshund breeders coming out of the woodwork!  I have done a couple other breed types (and hope the chance to do more as well) but the doxies are popular little guys!

*a couple samples to show you*


In some sad news...we lost our Gracie girl...she would've been 17 in September.  Some of you may remember her from years ago on my blog back then when she was a kitten!!  We believe it was kidney failure but i'm not very happy with my vets but that's another story and it won't bring her back   She had an amazing life with us and we loved her dearly and i will miss her tremendously!  Losing my pets is the hardest on me...i am a severe pet loss griever and it sucks!!

*Gracie* ♥ >"< ♥


Ok, i am off to finish painting...not my favorite thing to do but it won't get done unless i do it or hire it done! I'll try to get some before and after pics up soon of the stuff we've done lately!  Home decor redos are always fun right!?

Also, i put some new "Adoptables" up for you to request for free!  Check my link to the left :)  And by all means, if you have a website leave me a comment with the url (above to the right) and i will come visit you!  I miss the graphics community!!



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Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

Well it's only been 7 months this time since i went MIA
My girl is now a Junior in college and still swimming so we are still as busy as ever! Her regular season starts this weekend so i can't wait to go and see her swim some fast times ;)  Here's this years roster pic...

It's my busy time of year with photo sessions and luckily the weather has been cooperating so far!  The Fall colors have finally started to come out on the trees so it's starting to look pretty around here!

I've hopped on several times to draw stuff but just can't get the juices flowing.  I guess i'm at the point where i'd rather just blog and change my graphics around and show off the cuties from years ago that i've collected.  Luckily i saved most of the graphics before i had an external hard drive crash or i'd be really sad!  There are few sites still around but not at all like it used to be 15 years ago.  People need to come back!! 

If you are reading this then please leave a comment on the main page board...i'd love to come and visit you back!  I had to get a new board so all the old comments are gone but i'll come visit if you leave your link for me ok!


Thursday, March 21, 2019

Wow wow wow...times's freaking 2019!  And i have been extremely lacking on this site!  I can really blame it on my kid since she was in swim season since August and her second year of college.  Actually she only has 7 weeks to go once she gets back from Spring Break!  It is crazy how fast her first two years of college have gone!  She has another great swim season at BGSU (even getting her first 2 collegiate wins!) and has maintained her 4.0 gpa so we are blessed! She's such a great kid :) 

Here's her roster pic from this year.

Next year she will be living off campus with two of her best friends from the swim team and we've been having a blast figuring out apartment fun!  I love that the girls just let me do my thang!  Less for them to worry about i guess and i love decorating so it all works out!!

We are in the process of a kitchen remodel so that's hectic.  The dogs can't contain themselves and just love to bark and bark at everything going on.  I have to sit here to babysit my own dogs!  Hence...the reason i am blogging!

In some sad news we lost our beloved cat Max in September :(   He was the best cat ever...i still have a hard time thinking about him and that he is gone.  I miss him so much...

I will try to promise to get back on here and blog and get some new little cuties made up soon :)



Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

So i never got around to hopping back on last week (par for course!)

This week i've been hanging out with Ash...she got her wisdom teeth out on Monday and is having a hard time of it.  The bottom left one didn't want to come out so she is super swollen...poor girl...she's miserable :( There's not much i can do besides make her soft foods, give her medicine and keep bringing her ice packs for her face.  I had mine out 23 years ago and don't remember any of the after effects so there must not have been any too terrible!  In the meantime, she goes back to college in less than four weeks so getting stuff around for her apartment is the main focus.  It's been fun buying all sorts of stuff to decorate the living area and her bathroom.  She basically has stuff for her bedroom from her freshman year of college but some odd and end stuff was needed.  I LOVE decorating so this is right up my alley!  I've enjoyed her being home though...i'll miss her terribly when she leaves.  That's the sucky thing about having an only child but i'll live!

Still been doodling some...playing with some tubes and lines...mixing them in with my own stuff.  I never wanted to use them before but they can come in handy for sure.  I so wish more pixel artists were back online.  I'll keep at it for now ;)  Not giving up too easily yet!


Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

Will blog tomorrow!



Thursday, July 5th, 2018


I hope everyone had a great 4th of July holiday!  I was stuck inside my house *which is fine with me* because it was too sizzlin' HOT out for this girl!  Yet to boot our air conditioning must be low on freeon or something because it just can't keep up but our a/c guy is on vacation til Monday so we wait til he gets back i the meantime...i smolter!

I spent the last several days going through my old web folders and document folders on the computer reminiscing about years ago when i had my websites.  I'm glad i decided to get back at it.  Drawing makes me happy ;)  Last night i really wanted to have flying bees on my page so i went to Dynamic Drive and found the you think i could figure it out?  Nope...i did everything it told me to but luckily today i found an OLD webpage that i had saved that had a teddy bear floating with a balloon and was so excited!!  I copied the script and added my image names and BOOM...cute lil bees floating around *yippee*  It's the little things i tell ya!  In the meantime, i am trying to organize all my images (we are talking thousands) so i can add some sort of categories to my site...whether it be general graphics i've collected, sigtags or my old graphics to share again but i am having a blast! ;)

Another thing that i think is funny is years ago i would've had this font at man my eyes are getting old so 10pt it is!  I can keep the teeny size for my graphics!  I did add a couple freebies to my page so check them out.  I will keep adding and drawing :)

Ok, i'm off to do


Thursday, June 27th, 2018


I've been doodling some :) I guess i will do it more for me since i enjoy it.  My little cute graphics make me smile so it's all for fun. I can use them to decorate my site so no loss.  Just a bummer that there really isn't a pixel graphic community anymore.  I hope that some day it can get back to how it was years ago.  I may just make some adoptable and see what happens. 

The weather this week is *scorching* here in Ohio...ugh.  If it's going to be this hot i need to be on a beach or in the water!  Who wants to leave the house when it's over 100 with heat index...NOT me!!

This is our first Summer not watching Ash compete in swimming.  She is too far from the college to be on the Summer team and too old for the local team so she is the assistant coach.  It's so weird not seeing her swim...makes me sad :(  She'll be back at college before we know it competing but it kinda makes for a boring Summer so far.  I guess i can do more cleaning or drawing! 


Friday, May 25th, 2018

Yep, i suck at keeping this page updated but now that i am drawing again maybe i can get better ;)  It's a holiday weekend and although i don't have really any specific plans i'm still busy!  Ash is home from her first year of college *isn't that crazy because my last post she wasn't done with high school* but she did amazing and the year couldn't have went more perfect.  She swims at BGSU and she did amazing!  She was able to be on relays at the MAC Championship meet and is one of the fastest girls for her events she swims (pretty proud Mom moment!)  She also finished her academic year with a 4.0 gpa so that is awesome as well!  She's home for the Summer and ready to start her job coaching the swim team and life guarding at the pool.

Me...i'm still doing hair but only one day a week.  I'm also still doing photography but am limited to my favorite *Senior Sessions* and family Sessions mostly.  I also do this part time as not to get too overwhelmed and get burnt out.  I did work at a scrapbook store for the past two years but kinda got bored with it so my last day is next Tuesday.  I recently started cleaning my parents house so that will keep me busy in the meantime.  I also still LOVE to decorate my house :) Occasionally i do home styling for friends...that's super fun!  I actually would love to get more steady with that since it really is my passion!  We will plate is always so full!  haha

I did start drawing some new graphics.  I have NO clue if anyone even buys, decorates or uses pixel graphics any more but i can still draw and's fun :)  This whole publishing through ftp has been confusing to learn but hey...i'll get the hang of it eventually!!

Til next and running...draining and refilling the hot tub while i play with my site today so i better go check that!


Wednesday, April 25th, 2017


Yeah, that one post really lasted me a while...and now it's a year and a few months later and i'm trying again!  Things are hectic right now.  My daughter is almost done with high school so we are getting all that fun stuff around and it's chaos...organized chaos i guess ;)  We are getting ready with all her college stuff and buying goodies for her room's so fun! 

Converted my personal website over to this one and figure i'll do it all on this site! 




Monday, November 23rd, 2015


I'm slowly getting my sites back up and running since GoDaddy deleted all my websites after i let them expire and missed the deadline to renew them :(  I need to get my photography site back up and get back to blogging...i really miss it.  Lots of people are not around since the graphics community has kinda dried up which is so sad...i miss so many graphic artists and their goodies!  I miss drawing myself!

Lately i'm busy with normal everyday life.  Raising an *almost* 17 year old...criminee...and two sweet wiener dogs and two kitties.  Ashleigh is still very much involved in swimming as she plans on swimming in college...but she needs to start thinking about a career also but has no clue.

I'm still doing hair part time and photography part time.  Still love decorating my home with old and new items...mix & match of fun stuff that i can put together :)  Some day i will make a list of my favorite stores in the area!

Back to getting the house ready for Thanksgiving.  I am currently swapping out most of my Fall decor for Christmas but need to leave a few things out for turkey day!