After being out of the pixel community for about 10 years i am back and still addicted to drawing cute pixels and collecting cute bears!

I've been a cosmetologist for 29 years


Been a photographer for 10 years


My favorite Season is Fall


My favorite holiday is Halloween


Favorite drink...fountain Pepsi!

Alcoholic drink...Strawbery daquiri


My birthday is Feb. 5th *let's just say i'm in my 40's*

Proud mom of one beautiful daughter who swims at Bowling Green State University and is studying all inclusive early childhood education & is the light of my life!

Ashleigh & I love watching Harry Potter

Celebrating Ash & Ricky's birthdays!

Freddie & Freida are the BGSU mascots...i love them!

Happily married for 22 years...been together 30

Maggie...10 years old...Mollie..6 years old